Sir Ken Robinson–The Importance of Changing Our Educational Paradigm

Very insightful video about how important it is that we have transformation in our educational systems.  As our economy continues an enhanced emphasis on innovation and creativity our schools are not encouraging those behaviors and personalities which will be a significant deterrent to our country’s success going forward.


Education Career Fair

Yesterday we had approximately 250 teacher candidates participate in the Fall Education Career Fair.  The students were well prepared and eager to speak with prospective employers.  As you can see from the photos the Union Ballroom was a happening place.  

This year will be a unique one for our graduates from the teacher education program.  Because the School of Education decided to go back to the four year undergraduate teaching degree we will have two classes graduating this year.  One with the former five year degree and one with the new four year degree.  Bottom line that means we will have  well over 200 graduates looking for teaching jobs this year. 

Our event yesterday kicked off our recruitment events for the year for our teaching candidates.  In March we will hold the Teacher Interview Day that will provide candidates the opportunity to meet with school districts and other organizations looking for teachers in one-on-one interviews.

It is always impressive to see our students building their portfolio to make the transition to becoming a full-time professional.ImageImage


My name is David Gaston and I am currently and Assistant Vice Provost at the University of Kansas leading the University Career Center.

This blog is a first attempt to share pieces of my journey.  Mostly this is an attempt to learn about this medium and if I can find my place in it.

In my work in career services, I have to wear many hats to be successful.  For instance, I need to be a psychologist, a labor economist, a retailer, a sales person, a management consultant, a politician, an academic, a marketer, a futurist, an entrepreneur, and many other things.  My personality and my job require that I take from multiple disciplines to develop a philosophy, model, vision or paradigm that allows me to communicate as a leader who we are, what we need to do and how we are going to make that happen.

This blog is intended to share how I find and what I find to be important in the continuing development of I how see the world, how I function in it and what I deem important to be successful.  I do what I do because I want to help college students find their way to leading more meaningful, purposeful lives.  I hope I am able to contribute to that effort each and everyday.