2014 Career Fair Marketing Campaign

I am really proud of our Marketing Team at the UCC. The team is led by Katrina Zaremba. She has four interns that do a great job producing professional level materials.

The campaign for the 2014 University Career Fair began in the summer of 2013 with identification of obstacles for students attending the fair and the types of images that would attract student attention. In addition the team conducted focus groups to narrow the design.  It was determined that students do have concerns about attending career fairs as it is not an experience that is familiar to them.  As a result, the team decided to focus on images and copy that portrayed a sense of confidence and aspiration.  In the end the team chose a look that resembled a magazine cover using KU student leaders as models.  Our team ran a photo shoot for the covers that resulted in the images you see on the page.  The fonts on the collateral were all hand made.  In addition, the team carried the theme into a promotional video.  Faculty were encouraged to show the short video to their students before beginning their classes.

We are very fortunate to have a great group of interns working at the UCC this year!  Get to know them through their about.me pages.  Katherine took the majority of the photos for these pages and they look great!







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